Who We Are


Our Vision

LinkingHuts is a Unique Social Networking Platform with a vision to be the World’s most Admired and Trusted Organisation transforming neighbourhoods into Strongly Connected, Empowered & Enriched Communities.


Our Mission

Create the most reliable, tech savvy & consumer friendly platform; build an extensive network of platform users and develop the finest team of business partners & entrepreneurs


Our Team

The Founder is a visionary having two decades of rich experience in business operations across reputed MNCs, who decided to pursue his passion and create a meaningful impact in the lives of people. With a blend of experienced and young professionals, our founding team comprises of dynamic and results driven domain experts across Technology, R&D, Operations, Marketing, HR and Finance. This cutting-edge team has worked over the years to create an innovative world class digital platform.

Our Culture

We're a diverse group of down-to-earth individuals, passionate about making a difference. We hold ourselves to the highest level of integrity and transparency. These values drive us to build an inclusive and honest culture where the hearts & minds of the World’s Top Talent do the best work of their lives. We have a culture where learning, innovation & excellence thrives, talent is appreciated and careers flourish. Ours is a vibrant & lively place where people love to celebrate & have fun. We have a flexible work environment to meet the genuine varied needs of the team. Our team is not only the toughest critic but also the biggest supporter of one another - “All for One, One for All”.


Our Values



We hold ourselves against the highest standards of integrity. For us, it means doing the right thing even when no one is watching us - regardless of the outcome. We always strive to be transparent, accountable, trustworthy and fair, in every respect and in every situation. We don’t feel shy in telling the truth - even if it’s ugly. Your privacy matters. We are obsessed about protecting it and we’ll go to any extent to safeguard it.



We respect each and every person as an individual & are continuously striving to earn everyone’s respect. We love to listen - your feelings, your opinions, your suggestions, your grievances, your ideas - everything matters to us. It is about creating a work environment where everyone is valued. Apart from all individuals, we respect all organisations, communities, religions, countries and their rules, regulations, cultures, traditions & beliefs - everything associated with each one of them. We respect our work and take immense pride in what we do because we believe, only then we can serve you to our heart’s desire.



We're grounded by humility and driven by ambition. We know how to behave & be genuinely happy inside while listening to others & waiting for our turn. In the face of challenges, we allow ourselves to grow with our inner strengths of dignity, peace of mind, selflessness & self-respect. We are humble while we take pride in our successes & accomplishments. We have no qualms in owning up our mistakes and view them as an opportunity to learn & grow.


Passion for Excellence

We are passionate about excellence and believe that the best way to work is to enjoy what we’re doing. We do it for the love of it. We are crazy about what we do & we want people to call us passionately crazy. We refuse to adopt a half-hearted, sloppy, "near enough is good enough" approach to work. We put our heart into everything we do, till we get a “Masterpiece.” In our quest for excellence, we may not attain perfection but we know we are better than what we were yesterday. It gives us something to fight for, to care about & to share with other people.


Make a Difference

For us, there is no best time to make a difference to this world. We strive to do it everyday by creating empowered and enriched communities. We believe it’s about increasing the quality of life, in whatever little ways, for as many people as we can. We don’t aspire to make a living. We aspire to make a difference.


Social Responsibility

It’s our pledge to give back to the society by working towards upliftment of under-privileged neighbourhoods. We do it not because our mind says - “That’s the right thing to do” but because our heart says - “That’s the most beautiful & fulfilling thing to do”. We believe in reducing the economic & social disparity around us by creating an environment wherein “Well-to-do Neighbourhoods” are able to whole-heartedly support the “Under-Privileged Neighbourhoods” - thereby making this world a beautiful place to live in.

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