LinkingHuts Payment Terms

LinkingHuts (Hereafter referred to as either “LinkingHuts” or “LH”) is a private social network to help build stronger, safer & happier neighbourhoods around the world. We use “LINKINGHUTS or LH” here to refer to the website and our iOS and Android apps (also referred to as our “Services”) that provide you with access to the platform. We also use “LINKINGHUTS or LH” to refer to the companies operating our Services.

“LinkingHuts Payment Terms” is a comprehensive policy document for any monetary transaction on LH. This policy explains the terms & conditions regarding Payments, Refunds & Cancellations. By accessing or using LinkingHuts, you consent to the terms as described in this policy. Please do not use LinkingHuts if you are not comfortable with any of these terms.

  • Payment credentials: When you make a payment through LinkingHuts, you agree to provide a valid payment credential. When you have successfully submitted your payment credential, we will allow you to initiate a transaction using the payment features supported by LinkingHuts.

  • Pricing: Pay attention to the details of the transaction, because apart from the price of just the product or service, your total price may also include taxes & any other fees - all of which you are responsible for paying.
  • You agree that upon initiating a Transaction at LinkingHuts, you are entering into a legally binding and enforceable contract with LH regarding purchase of its products and /or services. You agree to pay the Transaction Price to LH using the Payment Facility on LH.
  • We may also request you for additional documents for verification.
  • All Payments would be subject to the laws of land from where the payment is made and also where the payment is received.
  • All Payments would also be subject to the terms & conditions of our payment gateway
  • All payments made against the purchases/services on Platform by you shall be compulsorily in Indian Rupees acceptable in the Republic of India. Platform will not facilitate transactions with respect to any other form of currency with respect to the purchases made on Platform.
  • While availing any of the payment method/s available on the Platform, we will not be responsible or assume any liability, whatsoever in respect of any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly to You due to:
    • Lack of authorization for any transaction/s, or
    • Exceeding the preset limit mutually agreed by You and between "Bank/s", or
    • Any payment issues arising out of the transaction, or
    • Decline of transaction for any other reason/s
  • Payment credentials: For your convenience, we allow you to fund your transactions using a number of different sources, like credit cards, debit cards and other payment methods.
  • Authority: When you provide a payment credential to us, you confirm that you are permitted to use that payment credential. When you fund a transaction, you authorize us (and our designated payment processor) to charge the full amount to the payment credential you designate for the transaction. You also authorize us to collect and store that payment credential, along with other related transaction information. We may also use certain payment card updater services, whose availability varies by issuer, to ensure we have the most up-to-date information about payment credentials we store.
  • Failed payments: If your transaction results in an overdraft or other fee from your bank, you alone are responsible for that fee.
  • Inquiries: By using payment features through LinkingHuts, you acknowledge and agree that we may make any inquiries that we consider necessary, either directly or through third parties, concerning your identity.
  • Our right to cancel: We may cancel any transaction if we believe the transaction violates these Payment Terms or the Member Agreement, or if we believe doing so may prevent financial loss.
  • Sharing of information: In order to prevent financial loss to you or to us, we may contact your payment credential issuer, law enforcement, or affected third parties (including other users) and share details of any payment you are associated with, if we believe doing so may prevent financial loss or a violation of law.
  • Abandoned Property: If you deactivate your account without requesting for the refund of Paid Unutilized Services, it would be assumed as an abandoned property, duly forfeited to LH
  • Notice to you: By using payment features through LinkingHuts, you agree that we may communicate with you electronically any important information regarding your payments or your account. We may also provide notices to you by posting them on our website, or by sending them to an email address or physical address that you previously provided to us. Website and email notices shall be considered received by you within 12 hours of the time posted or sent; notices by postal mail shall be considered received within Seven (7) business days of the time sent.
  • Notice to us: Except as otherwise stated, you must send notices to us relating to payments through LinkingHuts.
  • Amendment guidelines: We may update these Payment Terms at any time without notice as we deem necessary to the full extent permitted by law. The Payment Terms in place at the time you confirm a transaction will govern that transaction.
  • Conflict with Member Agreement: Our Member Agreement applies to your use of payment features through LinkingHuts. In the event of any conflict between these Payment Terms and the Member Agreement, the Payment Terms shall prevail.
  • Conflict of laws: Some countries may restrict or prohibit your ability to make payment through LinkingHuts. Nothing in these Payment Terms should be read to override or circumvent any such foreign laws.
  • Trade sanctions: You must not use payment features through LinkingHuts in connection with activities, individuals, or entities that are located in a country or region that is embargoed by India or that would otherwise violate applicable India or non-India trade sanctions.
  • Non-Transferable Services: No service bought on LinkingHuts is transferable to any other user.

  • If its account is still active and
  • If the claim for refund is raised within
    • 90 days of purchase (in case of non-cancellation refunds)
    • 24 hours of purchase (in case of cancellation refunds) and
  • If the Paid Services (for which the refund is being sought) have not already been utilized and
  • If it’s a case of Cancellation, the user wishes to cancel entire transaction & not part transaction
In all the above cases, the company would refund the amount as per the actual purchase value of the Paid Unutilized Service by the user - the purchase value to be considered in the descending order of recency - till the Paid Unutilized Service is fully accounted for. The details of the past transactions by a user are visible in the “Payment History”.

To understand the above with an example,

    Let’s say the last 2 transactions of the user are:
  • Last Transaction: Bought 5 Coupons for Rs 2500/- @ Rs 500 per coupon
  • 2nd Last Transaction: Bought 5 Coupons for Rs 1500/- @ Rs 300 per coupon
    Now, if the user wants a refund for 8 coupons, then the refund value would be calculated as:
  • 5 Coupons @ Rs 500/- (last transaction) = Rs 2500/-
  • 3 Coupons @ Rs 300/- (2nd last transaction) = Rs 900/-
  • Total Refund Value = Rs 2500 + Rs 900 = Rs 3400/-

Following is the process to be followed for any refund from us & the associated timelines:

  • Any Refund (if applicable as per refund policy) shall be made in Indian Rupees only and shall be equivalent to the Transaction Price received in Indian Rupees.
  • For electronics payments, refund shall be made through payment facility using NEFT / RTGS or any other online banking / electronic funds transfer system approved by Reserve Bank India (RBI).
  • Refunds may be supported for select banks. Where a bank is not supported for processing refunds, you will be required to share alternate bank account details with us for processing the refund.
  • Refund shall be conditional and shall be with recourse available to LinkingHuts in case of any misuse by the user.
  • A user should contact us for any refund related issue - whether it’s about initiating a refund or following up on a refund case, already raised with us
  • While writing to us, the user must provide details of the transaction & the reason for seeking a refund
  • Once we receive the request, LinkingHuts support team would check the request & get back to the user within 48 hours by responding at his / her registered email id. If required for any clarifications, our support team may also contact the user telephonically
  • If the request for refund is found to be valid, it would be processed within next 2 weeks wherein the amount (as per the refund policy) would be transferred to the user account and the details regarding the same would be sent to the user’s registered email id. On the other hand, if the request is found to be invalid, the request will not be processed and the user would be communicated about the same
  • Refunds typically take up to 2 weeks for us to process, but may take up to 10 weeks in case it gets entangled in issues beyond our control and involves 3rd parties like banks, credit card companies, payment wallet companies, payment gateway etc.
  • In case the wait has been longer than 12 weeks, the user is requested to contact us.
In case of any ambiguity, the decision of LinkingHuts would be final & binding to the user

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